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Shopping in Spain is a paradise for any shopper. Whether you are looking for a new high-end purse or just looking for a souvenir, there is always a store nearby. Since Spain is the 2nd most visited country in the world, there is literally a souvenir store in every corner. The major chain in Spain is called "El Corte Ingles", this department store is huge and usually offers over 5 floors of complete shopping. Whether you need an Authentic Real Madrid jersey, a Lladro, or a colorful plate that says "España" on it, you will find it there. They also sell all sorts of high-end clothing and shoes, make up and perfume, music, movies, food and wine, and home goods. "El Corte Ingles" has at least (1) location in every major city, and cities like Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia, have multiple locations.

Most of the major clothing shops found in the U.S. are found in Spain, such as: Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, H & M, Quicksilver, Zara, and so on. You will also find many boutiques that sell high quality women’s clothing, juniors clothing, and men’s clothing. The province of Alicante is well known for making some of the best shoes in the world. You will find many stores throughout the country selling beautiful High-quality shoes that are made in Alicante.

When walking through the streets of Spain, you will find many stores selling souvenirs that are made in Spain, along with hand-sewn shawls and scarves, hand painted plates, and other Spanish crafts. Prices for these items vary on the location of the store. To get the best deals don't buy from the first store you find on the main avenue, go deeper into the city or village to get the same item at a much better deal.

All major stores accept credit cards, as well as some of the smaller stores. For most souvenir stores, Euros are the only method of payment. Tax is usually already added to the price that you see posted on the item, so there are no hidden costs. When using your credit card, most stores require that you show them your passport, as your credit card is international, and they need to verify that the name on the card matches with the passport (this is done for security reasons). Return policies in Spain are similar than those in the U.S., with the major stores, there is usually a 30-day return/refund policy, however, with smaller stores, you are lucky if you can get an exchange, so be wise before you make your purchase.



























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