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For the many of you who have a cat or dog, you consider your four-legged friend to be part of your family and you just cant travel without them. The good news is that bringing your pet with you on vacation to Spain, is not very difficult. The information below on bringing your cat or dog, is for people coming into Spain from Canada and the United States of America.

First thing you need to do is visit this web site Mapausa.org. This website is provided by the Spanish government, it will give you all the information you need to know, on bringing your cat or dog into Spain.

When you visit the website you will need to print out this certificate for your veterinarian to fill out. Your cat or dog will have to be up-to-date on all their vaccinations, will have to get a physical, and must have a microchip that is compatible in Europe. Your vet will let you know.

Once you have your certificate filled out and signed by your vet, you will need to get your certificate stamped by a VS/APHIS Official Veterinarian. Usually it will be a building from the USDA and there is one located in most major cities throughout the country. You can locate your nearest USDA on this website USDA.GOV

Once you have your certificate stamped you are ready to take your pet to Spain. You will give that paper to customs when you land in Spain. Remember to call your airline before you depart to let them know you will be bringing your pet so there is room for them. If your pet is under 12 pounds it should be allowed under your seat, if it's over 12 pounds it will go with cargo, but don't be upset, they go in temperature controlled rooms so they wont freeze to death. Airlines usually charge around $200 per animal.

Also remember you will have to provide a travel kennel for you pet, big enough where your animal can turn around. Make sure you give them plenty of water the day before travel, and take them potty outside of the terminal right before you check them in at the airline desk. Usually Food and Water are not allowed in the travel kennel.

As informative as this page is, you must visit Mapausa.org to get all the information to take your pet to Spain. 


























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