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The time zone in Spain is CET (Central European Time), which is +1 from GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). During the summer months its +2 from GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). Now that we have given you the time zone in the proper format, lets give it to you in plain english. Spain is [9 hours] ahead of PST (Pacific Standard Time) and [6 hours] ahead of EST (Eastern Standard Time). So basically, if you live in California and the time right now is 8:00AM, it would be 5:00PM in Spain. If you live in New York and the time is 11:00AM, the time in Spain would be 5:00PM.

Daylight savings time usually starts in the month of March and usually ends in the month of October. During Daylight savings, the clock moves forward 1 hour (+2 GMT), when daylight savings ends, the clock goes back 1 hour (+1 GMT).

During the winter months, sunrise in most of Spain occurs around 8:00AM and sunset around 6:00PM. During the summer months, sunrise usually occurs at 7:00AM and sunset around 9:30PM.
































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