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Added on: December 2011

Once November ends and December starts, it can only mean one thing, the holiday season has officially started. Nothing better than being with family and friends during these cold and festive days, and what better way to enjoy this holiday season than taking a family vacation to enjoy the holidays in a new culture. When it comes to the holiday season in Spain, you will find everything under the sun, and you will experience a story book holiday season. In most of the villages in Spain, they fill the streets with holiday lights and offer holiday music throughout the streets, it almost feels like a fairly-tale if you have never experience it. If you have kids, it is definitely a must experience for your family. All the stores are fully decorated to the max with holiday décor and you can feel the holiday spirit in the air. Traveling to Spain during the holiday season is not very expensive, airliners are offering some great deals to most major cities in Spain, and hotel rooms can be booked for pennies to the dollar, compared to the busy summer season. Hot fresh tortilla de patata, succulent gambas al la plancha, and full bodied red Ribera del Duero wines await you in every bar and restaurant you will visit in Spain, to give you a taste of the Mediterranean at a great price. So this holiday season you have two choices, stay at home and do the same thing you have been doing your entire life, or book a family vacation to Spain, and enjoy the holidays the Spanish way, and treat your family to a cultural experience they will never forget. Happy holidays!


Added on: November 2011

What makes Spain such an amazing country to visit? Is it the culture? The history? The food? Or maybe it’s just the fact that when you are in Spain, you get a feeling that no other country on the world can provide, a feeling that makes you feel kike you are in a fairy tale, and that life feels like it is not a reality. What makes Spain so special in our opinion is the food schedule. In Spain people follow a very strict eating schedule: first comes desayuno (breakfast) which is normally eaten between 7 to 8 AM. Then comes almuerzo (snack) which clocks in between 10 to 11 AM. After that you look forward to la comida (lunch), which is where kids get out of school and most business close, so people can go home or to a restaurant to eat a 2 to 3 course meal, which is eaten between 2 to 4 PM. After that, kids go back to school and business re-open. When most people get out of work, it’s time for merienda (snack), which is usually enjoyed between 6 and 7 PM. By the time you get home its time for la cena (dinner) which is normally eaten between 8:30 to 10 PM. Within this eating schedule, restaurants are usually very strict, meaning, don’t show up to a restaurant at 5PM expecting to eat. Now, if you are in major cities such as: Barcelona, Madrid, or Valencia, you will surely find hot and fresh food at any time of the day, but when you get into the smaller villages, make sure to follow the eating schedule. This type of eating schedule is only found in Spain, it’s part of their culture, and is one the things that make Spain, well…Spain, so get to Spain and enjoy the wonderful foods that they offer, and enjoy them with the locals, for the freshest and best food Spain has to offer.


Added on: October 2011

The best month of the year to travel in Spain has arrived. October offers the best weather all around Spain, wherever you go, you will see white fluffy clouds in the azure blue skies, and temperatures will be between 65 Fahrenheit and 75 Fahrenheit. The best part about traveling to Spain during October is the fact that tourism levels are not super high, so we all know what that means, cheaper hotel prices, better deals on car rentals, and no waiting 2 hours to eat in a restaurant in Barcelona. Another of the great reasons to visit Spain this month is the Spanish soccer league. La Liga is now in full bloom, every weekend there are soccer games throughout the country. If it is sports excitement you seek, go see any soccer game from La Liga and you will be impressed. Great cities and villages that we recommend to visit during the month of October are: Albarracin, Avila, Cuenca, Mont Blanc, Morella, and Valladolid. All of these places offer amazing architecture, some of the best foods from Spain, and tourism levels that wont make you go crazy. Within these cities and villages, you will find castles, cathedrals, and plenty of Spanish culture. If you are flying out of the Unites States of America, right now Air France has the best deals to get you to Spain. Most flights from the USA go direct to Paris, and from Paris you can fly into over 10 major Spanish cities, like Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, and Valencia. Enjoy one of the best seasons of the year, and enjoy your life by visiting Spain this October.


Added on: September 2011

The past two months have been record breaking tourist months for Spain. It was the #1 most visited country in Europe. Now that September is here you will see a lot less tourist in Spain. Now is the time to travel to Spain and see the country at a fraction of the price that all the other tourist paid during July and August. Out of all the European countries, Spain offers you the best prices on food, drink, and entertainment, and offers more culture than most countries in the world. September is a great month to travel to Spain, not only because the prices and availability of hotels and car rentals are cheaper, but because the weather throughout the entire country is perfect. Not to hot, not to cold. The beaches still have great weather during the day, and you can lounge for hours in the sun, without getting baked. If you plan to travel to the region of Valencia, make sure to visit the small town of Segorbe in the province of Castellon, between September 5 and September 11 they hold their annual running of the bulls, considered by many the second best running of the bulls in Spain, with Pamplona being first. The difference is that in Segorbe there are people on horses running with the bulls and the excitement is like no other. If your in town during those dates, make sure to visit for a cultural experience you will never forget. Other great cities in Spain to visit this month are: Madrid, Toledo, Segovia, Santander, and Teruel. All five of these cities offer great weather, amazing food, and Spanish culture at its best.


Added on: August 2011

The biggest month of vacation has arrived. August represents vacation time for most of us, some of you have already made plans for your travels, others are still wondering what to do this August. In the month of August Spain is at its peak of tourism, however, there is good news for travelers who don’t like traveling during peak season. Most locals leave their homes in the cities to go into the villages in the mountains where it is much cooler. Cities like Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia are now home to Tourist. If you are the kind of traveler that prefers to be around locals, nothing better than going into the villages in the mountains for an amazing trip. Most people think that if they go to Spain, that have to visit the big cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia, etc. However going to see smaller villages can be as rewarding. All the small villages across Spain offer the taste of Spain for a fraction of the price of going to the big cities. Many of the villages have Cathedrals, Roman ruins, endless tapas bars, and beautiful cobblestone streets to get lost in. When going to the smaller villages, hotels will usually run you about 50 EURO a night vs. 100+ EURO when going to the big cities. Small villages of interest we recommend are: Albarracin, Segorbe, Morella, Montblanc, Aranda de Duero, and Ronda. All these villages offer amazing culture and are tourist friendly. If you are the traveler that prefers to be around tourist, nothing more to say than to head out to the big cities to see the popular sights most people want to see when going to Spain. If you are looking for cooler weather head to the north of Spain, cities such as: Bilbao, Santander, A Coruna, Vigo, San Sebastian, and Oviedo offer the coolest weather during August. If heat is your thing, head south to Andalucía, Murcia or Alicante. For weather in-between try Barcelona, Valencia and Tarragona. Enjoy your August vacation and be safe in your travels.


Added on: July 2011

Traveling in Spain this July could end up being your best vacation yet. The summer weather is in full bloom, the miles of Mediterranean beaches are awaiting you, and the cold Sangria is ready to be sipped. There are many reasons why July is a great time to go to Spain, but for some people, they hate dealing with all the crowds and tourist, and this summer, Spain expects record breaking tourism. If dealing with other tourist and over-crowded beaches is not your gig, Spain can still offer you an amazing summer vacation during the month of July. Here is an insiders secret: During the summer months, if you head inland, most of the cities and villages seem like ghost towns. Everybody (including locals and tourist alike) head for the water. The weather will be warm when you head inland, but nothing you wont be able to handle, plus, hotels are cheaper, restaurants are ready to serve you without waiting, and going to see a castle of cathedral wont be tragedy, with other tourist running around. Great cities to visit inland this July that are not super hot are: Madrid, Lleida, Leon, Ourense, and Burgos. All these cities offer fascinating architecture, great food, and a taste of the Spanish culture. If you follow the crowds, you will have amazing time, but it’s like going to Disneyland on a Saturday, in July. On another note, July is the famous running of the bulls in the city of Pamplona, a must see for any tourist, however, expect many tourist to be there, but it’s worth it. Enjoy the sun, enjoy the culture, enjoy Spain this July. Hasta Luego!


Added on: May 2011

Imagine this…Sitting at an outdoor café sipping on an espresso, looking up into the azure blue sky while the white fluffy clouds pass by, and not a care in the world. This could be you, and it can only happen in Spain. Traveling to Spain this May is a must for all travelers. The weather is just plain out perfect, Tourist levels are starting to rise, but not at their summer peak, and restaurants have their wonderful Spring bounty up for grabs. For the month of May, we recommend visiting all parts of Spain, because the weather is perfect everywhere in the country, from Aragon to Murcia. During the beginning of May, if you are in Madrid, make sure you visit the “Mutua Madrid Open”, an ATP 1000 professional tennis tournament, with all the big players like: Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. If you are in Comunitat Valenciana during mid-May, visit the village of Segorbe (about 50KM from the city of Valencia). On May 14-15 they will be holding their annual “Medieval Festival”, with people dressed up like the medieval times, and vendors selling high-quality artisan cheeses, artisan olive oil, and much more. As for beaches, there is not one better than another during this time, so if you like your fun in the sun, visit any of the hundreds of miles of beaches in Spain for an unforgettable experience. For a last note: Good news for travelers from Los Angeles, California. Iberia Airlines has announced a new flight from LAX to Madrid. Now you can fly from every major city in the USA directly into Spain. No excuse! Get your tickets and enjoy the culture. Spain awaits you.


Added on: April 2011

April along with October, could be the best two months to visit Spain, weather and tourist wise. The weather throughout the entire country is now excellent, it’s not to cold and it’s not to hot. Towards the end of the month it’s Easter, and in the region of Andalucía, they celebrate it at a bigger scale than any other region in Spain. This month it’s also the “Feria de Sevilla” in the city of Sevilla. This festival takes place around mid April, and offers you a taste of the south of Spain. There are parades with horses, bullfights, drinks, and plenty of tapas. Hard to explain the atmosphere, as you have to experience it to believe it, but be prepared to up all night, listening to authentic flamenco music, and eating the best foods of your life. Moving on to other parts of Spain, the region of Aragon, located in eastern Spain, offers many beautiful little villages, where you can spend the day eat amazing foods, shopping, and roaming through old castles. The region of Aragon is way too cold during winter, and way too hot during summer, so now is the time to go. As for soccer, Spain’s La Liga is now tighter than ever, with Real Madrid just 4 points from leaders, FC Barcelona . Both teams are also still alive in the quarter finals of the European Champions League, so there will be plenty of soccer action at every bar in Spain during April. Spring has sprung, so go out and enjoy your life, and get a taste of Spain.


Added on: March 2011

March in Spain can only mean one thing, it’s time for “Las Fallas” in the beautiful city of Valencia. Planning your vacation to Spain could not be at a better time than now. The weather is starting to warm up a bit, Spring is around the corner, and “Las Fallas” is not to be missed this year. If you have never traveled to Valencia before, you are missing out on one of the most fascinating cities in Europe. Valencia offers everything you could ask for when visiting a major city, and now that “Las Fallas” are going on, it’s the only place to be. From the minute you arrive to Valencia you can feel the historic culture the city offers. As much history as Valencia offers, it has also become a very modern city, offering beautiful modern architecture like “The city of Arts & Science”, offering jaw dropping architecture designed by local architect Santiago Calatrava. When it comes to food, Valencia offers some of the best restaurants in Spain, and at cheaper prices than most cities in Europe. For a memorable meal, visit “Oscar Torrijos”, where local chef Josep Quintana creates fascinating dishes, offering everything from Mediterranean dishes to inland Spain cuisine, with a modern touch. Going into the subject of “Las Fallas”, they officially begin on March 14 and end on March 19. Hundred thousand dollar sculptures are designed and created to be viewed and the burned on the last day. You will see amazing firework displays every night, and smell Paellas being cooked throughout the entire city. “Las Fallas” only come once a year, and this years promises to be one of the best, so grab your passport and head out Valencia, for an unforgettable experience in Spain.


Added on: February 2011

When you travel to a country, why is it a smart choice to read a travel guide before you depart? Well for one reason, learning about a country and its culture can really bring much more enjoyment to your vacation. When you travel to Spain, it is wise to learn about all the different attractions, foods they eat, the culture they have, and so on, in order to really enjoy it to its fullest. If you travel to a country without any knowledge about it, it’s kind of like playing a tennis game without a tennis lesson. Here at Travel thru Spain, we are committed to helping you so you can truly enjoy Spain. As you read through our Spain guide, you will find much of the information you need to get your travel plans ready. If February is the month you are choosing to visit Spain, you have chosen a great month. The weather is still quite cold, but nothing a jacket and scarf can’t handle. In the village of Sitges, there is a huge gay festival, celebrating all things in life, and is made for all people. There are many festivals, including the Sevilla tapas fair and the mock battle at Bocairente, near Valencia, among others. Major cities like Madrid and Barcelona still have many tourist, but not as many as summer. Hotels prices are still low and renting a car wont break the bank. So go ahead, read our guide, learn what you need to know, and head to Spain this February. Life is about enjoying culture, food, and having knowledge of where you are going.


Added on: January 2011

Hard to believe the new year is here. For many of us, it's time to plan out our ventures for 2011. If you are planning on going to Spain for vacation this year, January is a great month to visit the Iberian peninsula. The weather is cold, but not as cold as recent winters, plus remember, Spain is like the "Southern California" of Europe, with almost perfect weather year-round. During the month of January, you wont find many festivals or tourist infested cities, instead, you will find the real Spain, what life is like for the locals. Visiting during the slower paced months actually offers you much more depth into learning about the country, and sight-seeing without getting through crowds. Car rentals are cheap, hotels rates are down, and flights to Europe are reasonably priced. As for activities to do, you can go skiing in the Sierra Nevada’s, visit castles all around the region, go catch a soccer game from La Liga, and dine at most of the restaurants that are usually fully booked during summer. Swiss Air has the best rate to go to Spain right now from the USA (only 1 layover!), you can get a cheaper flight, but it will have at least 2 layovers. Make sure to pack a scarve, a thick jacket, and some thermal pants, and drink plenty of red wine, as it will keep you warm!


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