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Added on: December 2010

With the colder months rolling through Spain right now, most tourist choose not to go on vacation to Spain or any country in Europe. Visiting Spain during the cold winter months can guarantee you this: the best possible deals on hotels, car rentals, museums and no crowds to deal with. If you stay close to the coast, it wont be as cold as inland Spain. Going to Barcelona, Malaga or Valencia are all good bets, to not be freezing while you are exploring the cities. As cold as the winter is, Spain is still has the warmest weather in all of Europe during the winter. Many restaurants serve up warm classic dishes, such as: Fabada, Lentejas, and Zarzuela, among many others. Cost of flights to Europe are way down right now and will begin to pick up around March 2011. If you are to head out to Spain during the winter months, remember to take plenty of warm clothing, scarves, and be prepared to drink many espressos.

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October 2010

As the leafs on the trees start turning orange, we start noticing that the cooler days of Fall have finally arrived. Believe it or not, October is probably the best month of the year to vacation in Spain, the weather is perfect from Andalucía to the Pyrenees. During this month there are still plenty of tourist running around Spain, but it's nothing like summer. Great villages to visit during this month are: Albarracin, Coca, Nerja, Peñíscola, Segorbe and Sitges. All of these villages provide excellent weather this time of the year, where only a light sweater is needed and there are many great family-run restaurants that offer great Spanish classics like: Tortilla Espanola, Gambas a la Plancha, Calamares a la Romana, Sepia a la Plancha, and Patatas Bravas. Prices for lodging are well below the summer prices and when staying in the smaller villages instead of the big cities, the prices are even cheaper. Flights are at great prices right now and renting car wont cost you as much. La Liga (Spain's premier soccer league) is now in full bloom, and Valencia CF are leaders after 5 jornadas. if you are in Spain this month and are near a big city, try and catch a Futbol game, it's an experience you will not forget.

Added on: September 2010

As the long summer days begin to fade away, the cooler days of September start to slip in. This month is a very important one for Spain, as it's when the grape harvest begins for all the wineries in the country. Wine to Spain is like water to the ocean, they must be together at all times, however, throughout summer its hard to enjoy a glass of red wine when the temperatures are rising. Now that the cooler nights are starting to come in, their is nothing better than a glass of red Rioja. This month is also the start of Spain's soccer league "La Liga" which runs all the way until May 2011, this season should be the most exciting of them all, as Real Madrid has a great new coach, David Villa is now with Barcelona, and surely, Joaquin will have an outstanding year with Valencia. This is also a great time to visit Spain, Kid's are back in school, the locals are back to work, and the beaches are still perfect to layout and enjoy the Spanish sun. During these early Fall days, the weather is pretty much perfect in every city in Spain, by next month some regions like Aragon will be too cold to visit. During this month will also be the famous running of the bulls in the village of Segorbe, Known throughout the country as one the most exciting. Airfares have also dropped plenty since the summer travelers are done and the Airline companies need to fill their planes. The warm days are starting to cool off, but their is still time to enjoy the last days of warm weather. If you did not treat yourself or your family to a vacation this summer, now is the time.

Added on: August 2010

The month of August in Spain means Vacation time! All the locals are out and about, enjoying the sunny beaches or relaxing by a pool. This is probably the hottest month in all of Spain, so most cities and villages away from the water will most likely feel like ghost towns. During this month is a great time to visit cities like Madrid, Segovia and Toledo who are usually over crowded with tourist during other times of the year. If you can tolerate the heat, you will be rewarded with hotels for much cheaper than usual, less crowds to deal with, and minimal city noise. The heat is not as bad as it sounds, and you know there is always a bar in every corner offering cold water, cold beer and refreshing Sangria. The city of Madrid offers plenty of trees and shade throughout the city (especially "el retiro") so you can stay away from the sun. Other cities like Segovia and Toledo are also full of tress and plenty of shade throughout the city. Remember to eat plenty of tomato based dishes like salt-cod in tomato sauce, pan con tomate and gazpacho, as the summer heat produces the best tomatoes of the year. During this time is when the smart and savy travelers hit these cities. Take a chance in the sun and enjoy the end of summer with a bang.

Added on: July 2010

Finally, after so many heart-breaking world cups throughout history, Spain wins their first ever world cup in South Africa. For those of you that did not watch this years world cup, you missed out on some of the most amazing games in soccer history. Spain was considered the "favorite" coming into South Africa, but their first game changed everything, as they were stunned 1-0 by Switzerland and made all Spaniards believe the curse was still alive. However this Spanish team was determined to get back on track, having won the EURO 2008, the team started to play their style of play, which is complete ball control, dominating the entire match and looking for holes in the defense with precise passing and great patience. Game 2 saw Spain playing Honduras, Spain ended up winning that game 2-0 and started getting back into the cup. Game 3 was against the mighty South American team of Chile, who had qualified 2nd in the South American world cup qualifiers. With style, Spain won the game 2-1 and won the group to move on to the next stage. First up in the knock-out phase was Portugal who have the lethal Christiano Ronaldo, a tight and intense game, Spain won it 1-0. In the quarter finals Spain had to play the underdogs "Paraguay", another tight, difficult game, as Paraguay just closed down on defense, Spain finally broke through and won 1-0. Heading into the semi-final Spain had to play Germany, a re-match of the EURO 2008 final, and again Spain was to come on top 1-0. The final was between (2) teams that have great talent but have never won the cup. Spain-Netherlands, the Dutch played a bit dirty, trying to get Spain to lose their rhythm, it was a long game but Inestia finally scored at minute 117", (3) minutes from heading into penalties and gave Spain their very first World Cup. Congratulations to Spain, the fans, the people and to all of us that have suffered for so many years.

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