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Spain as we know it is a wonderful place to holiday, and well as a great place to call home. Plenty of sunny beaches, outstanding food, and people that really make you feel very welcome, as well as on of the most affordable countries in all of Europe. One of the places that many tourist love to go to is Ibiza, located in the Balearic Islands, which are “floating" in the azure blue Mediterranean. Ibiza is a special Island, with plenty of high-end restaurants, luxury boat harbors, and what most people in the world say, the best dance clubs in the world. However you can also go to Ibiza and skip on the expensive restaurants, and dine for close to nothing and some wonderful seaside restaurants, that will offer you a taste of Ibiza at a fraction of the cost. If nightclubs are not your thing, Ibiza is still for you, the northern part of the island is all forest, offering hikers and people alike a chance to relax and take in Ibiza. Besides all these great things, Ibiza really does have some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, offering well over 125 kilometers of white sandy beaches, it also offers plenty of hotels, from simple hostales to 5 star resorts, to renting your own private villa above a mountain cliff, with some outstanding ocean views. Ibiza has its own airport, so getting a direct flight from most European cities can be achieved without a layover. There are plenty of car rental stations, as well as public buses, and a handful of taxis, that can make your stay in Ibiza a dream come true and an easy and comfortable holiday. Enjoy the sea, enjoy the food, and go dancing in what many people call, the very best dance clubs in the world. Check out http://www.holidayhypermarket.co.uk/dollslife/ to learn more about why traveling is so much fun.





















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