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Village streetsWhat is culture? culture is a way of life, a routine, something that happens only in certain places. Culture is doing things a certain way, accepting things in a certain way and acting in a certain way. Every country has culture, and some countries have similar cultures to others, but all are different.

It is said that Spanish culture is like no other in the world. The way people eat, drink and live is completely unique and makes visitors see a different side of life. Spanish culture is simple, like everything else they do and eat, yet it is so satisfying, and makes you want more. It is a culture based on traditions and history: Bullfighting, Flamenco Dancing, Dining al-fresco, Wine, Olive Oil, Medieval Cobblestone streets, and always celebrating some type of past historic event (which seems like every other weekend).

The way of Spanish life, is looked at in different ways, but one thing is for sure, Spaniards love to take things at a slower pace. Enjoying life is the #1 priority in this country, this along with the fact that Spain has the 9th Strongest economy in the world, means their relaxed lifestyle is one that sets quite a standard. In Spain people go out to eat more than any other country in the world, main reason being because eating at a restaurant or bar in Spain is like eating at home, all the foods are cooked like home, the prices are cheap, and there is a great magical atmosphere in the air. Life in Spain is looked upon as, you work to live, as where in most other country's, you live to work. People are also very friendly, and there is nothing better than walking through the cobblestone streets of a small village and people telling you "Buenas" as you pass them, it makes you feel welcome, and you get a feeling you are at home.

In Spain there are many little parks for kids, whether you are in Madrid or a small village, you will always find little playgrounds everywhere. You will see kids playing and parents talking and laughing. Spaniards also love to walk, walking is a part of life, most people will walk 1 mile to the super market rather than drive. This combined with a healthy diet is why Spanish people are the 3rd longest lived people in the world, behind Japan and Italy.

Like many western European country's, smoking is a big part of Spanish society, however within the last couple of years new laws have passed that have banned smoking inside of trains, malls, airports, and restaurants. As of 2011, a new law has passed banning smoking in every bar and restaurant in Spain, and you cannot smoke within 100 meters from a park. Now smoking in Spain is like smoking in California, you must step out of the restaurant or bar.

To sum it up, the Spanish culture is: People that prefer to take life at a slower pace, so they can enjoy the moment, no matter what others think, for their passion in their Food, Wine and Olive Oil, the fact that most business are closed between 2:00PM and 5:00PM to allow the people to go home or to a restaurant to eat with their families and friends, and perhaps throw in a quick siesta after they eat, to watch (and wager on) La Liga and the National team's soccer games, to watch any other sport that a Spaniard is in, to support him or her, and to enjoy a glass of Rioja, with some bread, olive oil, and jamon serrano.





















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