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Famous for their Tapas, Sangria and Running of the bulls, Spain has become a top destination for North American tourist. In this site you will find all the information you need to learn about Spain, whether you are getting ready to vacation in Spain or just want to educate yourself about this historic and cultural country, this is your guide.

We will cover all the different regions in Spain, the different foods they eat, learn about Spanish wine, which months are best to visit, give you some "insiders secrets" on the best beaches, castles and cities to visit, and much more. As you go through this guide you will learn a lot about Spain, but for most locals, Spain is all about roaming through the medieval cobblestone streets, while aromas of freshly brewed espressos and scents of freshly baked baguettes linger in the air, setting the scene for a day of cultural bliss.

Spain is located in southwestern Europe, it borders with France and Portugal, and is the third largest country in Europe. Its position in the Iberian peninsula has rewarded the country with a wealth of history, as well as some of the best ingredients in the world, as it has the Mediterranean and Atlantic ocean on each coast. A country with so much history means: Many Castles to see (2nd most in the world), cathedrals that are mind-blowing, beaches that are close to heaven, and villages that make you feel like you are in a fairy-tail.

In the past, the Peseta was the currency of Spain, in 2002 the EURO was introduced by the European Union and is now the only currency used in the country. Spain joined the European Union in 1986. The population is estimated to be around 46 million people. Other names for Spain are: España, Castilla, and Hispania (Roman times).

As the second most visited country in the world, Spain offers some of the best weather year-round, a very relaxed atmosphere, and people that are very warm and welcoming. For many years, Americans have vacationed in [Paris, France] and [Rome, Italy] when visiting Europe, but in the past 10 years, that movement has started to move towards Spain. Main reason being that the country has so much to offer, at a cheaper price than France and Italy. Spain has opened its doors to Americans with great pleasure. Most restaurants in major cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla and Valencia are printing their menus in Castilian and English.

The transportation in Spain has been praised by the U.S. President, as one of the most organized in the world. In train, you can travel to every major city and most small villages, and the trains are always on-time. The metro system in the major cities, can take you from the airport to downtown and even to the train station. There are also super comfortable buses that can take you from city to city. The best part of transportation in Spain? the cost. It's fairly cheap to travel through train, bus and metro, as it has such high demand and is used by many locals.

The biggest sports in Spain are fútbol (soccer), tennis, basketball and golf. When visiting Spain, if you are going between September and June we recommend you go and watch a fútbol game from La Liga, as the excitement and atmosphere is like no other you have ever seen. There are plenty of professional tennis tournaments throughout the year and most resorts have hard and clay courts to play on. For the best in Golf, just go to the region of Andalucía, as they offer over 60 world-class golf courses.

The bottom line is, Spain is a great country to vacation in and offers many great tourist attractions, from medieval castles, to the most high-tech wineries in the world, to the sunniest beaches in the Mediterranean. Please browse through our departments on the top bar to learn everything you need to know about Spain, and hopefully, inspire you to holiday in Spain on your next journey through Europe.

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